'I don't believe in God anymore. Money. I believe in money.' 

writer // Dennis Kelly | director // Judy Davis


behind the scenes / rehearsal photos

Seven scenes interrogating the dynamic between debt and desire. Written prior to the Global Financial Crisis, with still potent memories of 9/11 and the endless wars that have followed, Love and Money examines the human cost of the West's economic belief system. How can we defend our humanity and principles in an economic system that demands we abandon them when and if required? Money is a stern God: at the heart of the play is a young couple's desperate attempt to navigate this world. 

cast // Ethan Gibson, Nic English, Dalara Williams, Nikita Waldron, Jeremiah Wray and Vaishnavi Suryaprakash

designer // Patrick James Howe
lighting designer // Trent Suidgeest
sound designer // Veronique Benett
assistant director // Anna McGrath
stage manager // Millie Simes
deputy stage manager // Ella Griffin
costume supervisor // Isabella Cannavo
properties supervisor // Jessie Spencer

9 - 16 June 2017 - NIDA Nick Enright Season