Reflecting on her experience as an ‘étranger’ in Paris, Anna McGrath has curated this group show inviting submissions from fellow Cité internationale des arts - Residents and outside artists. 

The works respond or relate to the theme of Antipodean art - that which harks from the Antipodes or is created with the idea of being diametrically opposite. The exhibition explores notions of belonging, displacement, distraction, home and creating in an unfamiliar world. 

Artworks include video art, sculpture, painting, collage, installation, drawing, costume design, photography, text, set design and film.

Artists include; Joe Wilson & Chanelle Collier, Emma Finn, Karina Kueffner, Badr Ali, Karina Castan, Jan Marius Kiøsterud, Taylor Yocom, Céline Lastennet, Anette Rose, Gitte Eidslott, Chépas Collective, Michael Scott-Mitchell, Elia Bosshard, Charles Prime, Alessandré Pret, Larisa Pelle, Jess Dorloff, Stewart Ralph, Jess McDonald and Anna McGrath.

Vernissage - 16th October 2018 - 18.00pm - 22.00pm

Exhibition - 17th October 2018 - 11.00am - 18.00pm

*** EXTENDED HOURS - WEDNESDAY 17th OCTOBER 2018 - 18.00PM - 21.00PM ***

STUDIO 2019, Bâtiment A, Cité Internationale des Arts, 18 Rue de l’Hôtel de Ville, Paris FRANCE 75004

More information about the exhibition can be found here - https://www.citedesartsparis.net/fr/open-studio-open-studio-collectif-par-anna-mcgrath